Heart Healthy Hustle™

Serving proactive young professionals.

Thrive as you strive, and live the life you want.

My background

In 2016 I started a media marketing company and since then I’ve built it to work with some of the Research Triangle area’s bigger brands.

It isn’t easy, but you really can learn to thrive as you strive.  

I earned: a B.S. in Exercise Science,  Multiple health care industry certifications (i.e. medical X ray, spinal rehab, physiotherapy, and more).

My mission

To push you to thrive as you strive.  In 2016 I started the Heart Healthy Hustle Podcast with the vision to equip, inspire, and connect driven and proactive young professionals.  

This podcast is for you if  You have begun executing on your vision and you are dealing with the challenges this brings.  You hustle with HEART and HEALTH, and are considered driven by your friends and family.  If you are hungry to talk honestly about self-awareness, comprehensive health, vulnerability, and purpose.  I work through my scariest business struggles and opportunities with the biggest names in entrepreneurship, health, and faith to share with you.  You’re not alone in this.

“I am striving to grow as a professional and by presenting tips and methods that are used by those who are successful that we can apply to our lives. Subscribing to this podcast is a personal investment of time that can pay back great dividends. I highly recommend subscribing and I am thankful that I have.” 

John Mol, U.S.

The Heart Healthy Hustle


Guest interviews every Monday at 5am

Solo Episodes every Friday at 5am 



Ask me anything. We’re here to help…

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