What’s Going On with My Business’ Metabolism!?

Angelo Poli is an internationally recognized expert in fitness and nutrition.  He’s the Founder of MetPro, the world’s first algorithm-based transformation engine. Using Metabolic Profiling, MetPro analyzes your metabolism and provides an individualized approach to obtaining your health goals.  Poli has spent much of his career as a motivational speaker, speaking regularly at universities, and hospitals around the country.  After recovering from a crippling injury himself, Poli focuses on a whole new way of thinking about health, fitness, and weight loss.


Favorite Success Quote

Humans are motivated most by seeing progress.


Key Points

1. Not Every Strategy Works For Every Body

Many holistic approaches to losing weight, gaining muscle, and burning fat work well, just not for every person.  There are genetic differences at play.  One plan might work well for one person but work ineffectively for the next.  Metabolism plays a large role in this.


2. Learn About Each and Every Client First

You cannot know what to prescribe for someone before you hear about them.  Learning about each client is imperative.  In order for you to serve your clients, regardless of industry, you must be aware of their reality.  You cannot know what and how to help a person without first getting to know a person and their reality.  Until you know this information, you do not know how to best serve an individual.  This is an absolutely critical piece.


3. It’s All Maintenance | Goals vs. Values

In order for success at something, or in a specific area of life, the lifestyle has to become something that you actually enjoy.  For the science to work in a diet, you have to recognize the changes as a lifestyle.  For health goals, people often ask Angelo, “What is it going to take for me to get to where I’m going, and then maintain it?”  The lifestyle has to become something that you actually enjoy and it becomes a value that you adopt.  Goals versus Values.  Goals are great, but unless you adopt a goal as a value set, you will never maintain the success the goal initially delivered (fitness).  For example, many people say they want to get in shape for a wedding in eight weeks.  This is a great goal, but what typically happens after the wedding is that this person slips back into their old routines and habits.  The key is to implement effective time management techniques and healthy lifestyle methods of implementation that work for your lifestyle.


The Heart Healthy Hustle Round

Heart: What activity do you use to care for and strengthen your internal character?

Meditation while doing low-intensity exercise.  He includes periods of low intensity activity.  Angelo feels the most creative during these activities.

Health: How do you maintain your physical health and avoid burn out?

Preparation.   If you prepare in advance it becomes easy.  Prep a go-bag of clean foods that are low perishable.  This can make a huge difference in terms of the sustainability of your health.

Hustle: What’s your main motivation for doing what you do?

The creative side.  Passion for seeing the transformation of the human body.


The Park Bench Paradigm

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self and why?

“You’re going to learn a lot more than you know now.  Time changes everything. The person you are today will not be the person that you are tomorrow.  And enjoy the ride!”


Connect with Angelo Poli

To get your COMPLEMENTARY consultation, go to Mepro.co/heart

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