How To Podcast In 2019 and Win At It with Britany Felix

Building awareness around your brand can be achieved many different ways, but what methods are present day relevant, and most effective. In this episode we talk with founder Britany Felix, owner of “Podcasting For Coaches with Britany Felix“, a specialized launch consultancy that facilitates launching highly successful podcasts.  Not only a podcasting expert, but also a location independent entrepreneur, (aka digital nomad), Britany has been involved with podcasting for many years, having completed over 400 episodes of her own.  She shares how to launch a successful podcast in 2019 and why it is so important. We talk all about the platform of podcasting and why it is so effective.  Britany is an expert at all things podcasting including topics like, “How to launch your podcast”, “Growing your podcast audience”, and “How To Record Your Podcast”.   Everyone’s attention is on podcasting as Spotify and now Pandora have started including podcasts to their users.. which is essentially everybody.

This is a do not miss, fun, and tactical episode of the Heart Healthy Hustle Podcast.  If you are looking for a proven way to increase your brand’s awareness, today’s episode will open your eyes to the unique and perfectly positioned world of podcasting.  Britany will show you how to start a successful podcast in 2019.  Enjoy!

Key Points

1. Brand Awareness Is About Know, Like, and Trust

Podcasts provide an incredible platform for you or your brand to connect with your audience.  If you show up consistently and genuinely serve your listeners, listeners will begin to know, like, and trust you.  This is becoming absolutely vital for companies both large and small.  Why do you think the most recent commercials done by both and Wrigley’s are “tear-jerkers”.  Transparency must be authentic though.  The marketing landscape for 2019 is one like never before.  Never before have we seen so many large companies begging social media influencers to endorse their products.
Many large companies are actively seeking out smaller “micro-influencers” to essentially push their products.  The audience of said influencer will see that the influencer they have come to know, like, and trust through online mediums (like podcasting and YouTube), are endorsing said product(s).  Typically an influencer will be very selective in doing this, and will ONLY recommend a product she believes will benefit her audience.  An example of this: Chevy hires and sponsors teams of millennials to test out their new cars and make videos about their travel along the way.  These videos are curated with a simple expectation, that the videos will be relevant marketing to Chevy’s target market.  The world of opportunity we live in has never been experienced before largely made possible by the internet.  The best way to win in this new era is to adapt to where people are and what they are doing.  And as Britany shares, many people are transitioning to audio content consumption because it allows one to multi task.  Aim to serve your audience.  

DID YOU KNOW: if you have a smart home device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can summon it to play podcasts?  All you have to do.. simply install the “podcasts skill”, then summon amazon or google saying, “hey alexa, play Heart Healthy Hustle Podcast.”

2. Will Travel Work For Me?

Until Britany traveled for herself and saw other people working location independently, she did not believe it was possible for her to live her dreams.  You will face many obstacles along the way.  One problem Britany had to overcome before finding success in her craft was overcoming self-limiting beliefs.  Do not let yourself get in your own way.  Most of the time when people stop trying something, it is because they self-sabotaged themselves.  Stay resourceful.  Acknowledge this resistance and decide that nothing is going to get in your way, including yourself, and start winning.

3. Should I Start A Podcast?

Determine and decide your goal for starting a podcast.  If you are wanting some business benefits, this podcast helps establish you as an expert.  It is an incredibly powerful networking tool.  A podcast generates direct leads.  People will seek your advice on your niche topic.  When it’s time for them to take an action in your niche, you become this person’s go to person.  Podcasting is the greatest medium right now for establishing moral authority and facilitating connections with who you are serving.  You are there in their daily lives.  It establishes a whole different level of connection that even video cannot do.  It’s not uncommon for a person to listen to an entire 1 hour long podcast episode because they can multi task.  Consider the fact that someone can take your podcast with them on their morning commute, and their workout at the gym.  Podcasts presents information in a way that is easily absorbed.

How to win with podcasting in 2019? 
Consistently releasing content.  So many people do not stick with it.  Focus on improving consistently and focus on your niche.


A bit embarrassing, while interviewing Britany I learned that asking for reviews is an outdated and ineffective way of growing my podcast.  Instead, invite listeners to connect on social platforms like inside a closed Facebook group.  Since this interview, I updated my podcast’s outro and included an exclusive invitation to join the Heart Healthy Hustle’s new podcast community.  Britany implores podcasters to be creative with how you engage with your community.  You want to put a lot of initiative into facilitating connection.

5. Introverts Unite; Emotional Intelligence

If you let yourself come out of your shell, you will find that you connect with so many people that you never thought you could before.  We are all striving to find success and be happy.  We all have commonalities that we can use to find mutual ground.  If you let yourself be in uncomfortable social situations, you will increase your confidence and comfort levels in said situations.  Let yourself be present and intentional, even if only for short “bursts” of time, and you will be amazed at what will happen.

Park Bench Paradigm

If you could go back in time, and sit on a bench with your younger self, what would you tell your younger self and why?

Your instinct that you are NOT meant for a “normal” life is spot on.  Never doubt that.  Never doubt yourself.  Trust your instincts and your gut as far as that goes, and just pursue life, with an intense passion!  And don’t let anyone stand in your way.  I just spent so many years of my life trying to be who I thought I “should be”, and not who I really knew I was.  Just trust yourself.

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