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Aerial Produced founder Britnie Turner has a heart of gold.  Britnie joins episode 85 of the show to discuss her business successes, failures, and life lessons.  From beginning in real estate at the age of eighteen to now owning five companies, Britnie shares tips to overcoming obstacles in real estate, life, and business.  Easily misunderstood, she shares the reason she does what she does – the ‘WHY’ for it all, and it will shock you.  Britnie faces and overcomes ANY obstacle that stands in her way – hear how.  Everything you do, and everything you go through, matters and is significant.  Often, the things you are going through are not just about you.  Britnie uses real estate development to create hope in hopeless places.  She lives asking herself the question, “How can everything in my life help people?”  Her long-term vision is to develop third world countries.

Britnie Founded Aerial in 2009 at the age of 21 with the mission of elevating people and places. Britnie has since formed multiple companies under the Aerial brand, all accelerating the mission by empowering people, sustaining the planet and utilizing capitalism as a force for good. Through the success of her companies, Britnie is resetting the standard of what is possible for women and young people across the globe and has won several national and international awards for speed of growth, innovation, and trajectory. Aerial’s commitment to a triple bottom line approach is proving that conscious business is not only viable but the way of the future.


Favorite Success Quote

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – N.H.


Key Points

1. Why Aerial?

The name Aerial comes from a drive to exist and create above the rest in pursuit of excellence.  It also reminds Britnie and her team to keep the big picture in mind.  She shares how she came up with the name.  Originally God revealed it to her while she was at a red light two years before she ever thought about starting a company. Every time she sees or hears it, she is reminded of a little girl she saw while on a mission trip.  This child had been horribly sexually abused.  When Britnie locked eyes with her, she could see hopelessness.  In the country she was in, this little girl had no way to get out of this horrible situation.  Britnie decided to execute on opportunities FOR those who had none so she could end this abuse for that little girl and others like her.

2. Solve Issues At Their Root

After going on a number of missions trips, Britnie began feeling angry about the fact that she was not making enough of an impact.  She did not see real lasting changes occurring as a result of these trips and this frustrated her.  She prayed to ask God about how to solve the traumatic and horrific atrocities at their root.  Asking, what is it really coming from.  She has found that a lot of the issues she has come across are coming from poverty.  Without simply “throwing money at an issue”, how does one throw OPPORTUNITY at poverty?

3. Work With People On The Same Mission

If you are on a mission to change the world, surround yourself with others who are also on a mission to change the world.  If you are on a mission to intentionally facilitate lasting change and impact, be extra intentional about finding others who are on the same mission.  Be so focused that it is clear to those who are not on a mission that it may be better for them to not waste their time trying to connect with you.  Have the belief that you CAN and WILL make a lasting impact.  Be a part of a network of people who know they can make a difference and are intentional about doing it.  Become a “rockstar” at what you do.  Remain humble, and be intentional about showing up consistently.

“Sometimes, what you’re going through isn’t just for you.” 

You never know who is watching you.  There are more people watching you than you think.   The people who are mean to your face, will still go home and think about what you say.  You realize that in your darkest moments is where champions are made.  The process of overcoming is the forging of character that gives your life an amazing story.  Your story of overcoming extreme pain will and does give others hope.  You do not have to be perfect, and you should not strive to look perfect.  It is important that you don’t give up.  Your life is not just about you. 

4. How To Connect With The Right People

For high-level people, you desire to work with, who you do not believe you currently have access to, place them on a vision board.  Then ask yourself, “WHY do I want to meet them and work with them?“.  Is it just because they are randomly famous, or is because you resonate with their values?  If it is values-based, figure out what it is about their values that you like.  Then right down the congruent values you share with them.  After you complete this, ask yourself, “Why would they want to be MY friend?  How can I be a person that would create value in THEIR life and how can I hold my own in a conversation with them?

Why would they want to be MY friend?  How can I be a person that would create value in THEIR life and how can I hold my own in a conversation with them?

Mature yourself.  People at high levels who you want to model have no patience for immaturity and time wasting.  Ask them insightful questions and be a curious student.  Root out the bad habits that you have to drop in order to hold your own in a ten-minute conversation with these people.  The fastest way to see what you need to drop is to assess look at all the vices you run to when you are anxious and stressed.

5. Embrace The Learning Process So That At The Proper Time, You Can Transfer Your Skillsets To The Most Impactful Work

You may not realize it at the moment, but everything you have gone through, everything you have learned, and everything you are learning is preparing you for a bigger vision and larger impact down the road.  Be a curious learner and student of life.  God will show you when and how to transfer these skills at the proper time.  Have faith that everything you are learning, even the mundane and difficult skills, are significant.

6. Work To LEARN vs. Have To Earn

If you want to learn a skill, be proactive and reach out to people who are already doing what you want to be doing.  Offer to work for them for free.  Once you start working with people, provide them with true value.  Britnie shares a story about how she got her start in real estate.  After moving to Nashville, Tennesee, she had to live in her Mustang convertible for a while.  She shares that it was challenging to be taken seriously in the beginning. She had to work 100% harder than anyone else in the business to be taken seriously.  She worked to the bone and found a way to create value in their life.  This is the key.  Make people money.  She found the rehabbers she was working with investors and design help.  Even though a lot of things went wrong at first, Britnie quickly became Nashville’s largest rehabber over the following year.  If you can work to learn instead of having to work to earn, you will probably win long term.  Keep the big picture in mind.  Britnie is working to develop nations and eliminate root issues in third world countries.

7. Faith Is The Only Thing I am Standing On

Britnie shares that having a relationship with Jesus is more than important. God and knowing He is never going to leave is incredibly encouraging.  Having God’s guidance and knowing He is working all things for good, is everything.  God shows up in a powerful way when things do not work out.  God’s timing is perfect.  Ask Him for help and guidance.  Never see things as wasted.  Have faith that His will is perfect and He wants you to do well.  Having to lead others and trust His timing simultaneously is very hard to understand, but demands faith.  God’s plan is the best plan.  As a leader, be sure to be transparent with your team.

8. What has been the MOST Impactful business lesson you have learned?

Find a way to serve people who are farther along than you.  Find a way to serve these people.  Find out what they are passionate about.  Do NOT mooch.  If possible, offer to work for free.  Earn it.  Be hungry and show others that you are not there to “take”.  Work hard.  Realize how much you can live without.  Listen and take notes and find ways to provide value. 

“You can grow your networth exponentially by serving others and learning in that safe environment.”

To learn a new asset class or a new type of business:

Partner with people who have done it before.  At the start of the project, tell them you will do all the work if they just tell you what to do throughout the process.  You then get to learn and be around them during a project.  Hack your susceptibilities.

9. Give Yourself Grace

When you create a vision of what you want to happen.  Realize you are only seeing a piece of the picture.  God does not show you the entire full picture because you would never begin.  This is because it is so much bigger than you could ever do in your own strength that you would never even start.    Give yourself grace in understanding that you do not have the full picture.  Then take action in faith and ask, “Where do I think the steps lead?”  Map it out to the best of your ability.  You DO NOT have to have all the pieces together.  Put a blank spot, and Google what it is you think you have to do to move the chains.  Balance action with learning.  With this ambiguity comes a higher rate of failures, but a MUCH faster rate of accomplishment.   Trust God for the exact strategy.  It will come right on time.  


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