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David Meltzer is an award-winning humanitarian, an international public speaker, best-selling author, and the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing. Sports 1 Marketing is one of the world’s leading sports & entertainment marketing agencies, which Dave co-founded with Hall of Fame Quarterback, Warren Moon. He is Junior Achievement Alumnus and credits JA with helping him impact millions of people. After graduating from law school, he decided to take an unconventional career path focusing on the internet and quickly became one of the TOP entrepreneurs in America. He also served important roles with Leigh Steinberg’s Sports Agency & served as the CEO of Samsung’s Mobile US division during the first smartphone launch in history. Dave is the executive producer of the #1 business digital show, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Elevator Pitch – currently going into its 4th season! He’s achieved remarkable success across numerous industries including tech, business, speaking, marketing, sales, and leadership.

Favorite Success Quote

“Be kind to your future self, and do good deeds.”


Key Points

1. How Do You Facilitate Connecting with People (Both those ahead of you and your peers)?

Remember humans connect on an emotional level.  We need to knwo the reasons people do things.  The impact what they do has on their life.  And the capabilities that they have, want, or need.  This leads to the two most important questions you can ask in relationship building and maintenance.  1) What value can I provide to you? (this can be in person, over the phone, or in media), and 2) Do you know anyone who can provide value to me?  Do you know anyone who can help me?

2. Motivate Don’t Manipulate

Change your perspective on how much value you can bring.  Aim to help 10 people per day.  Change your trajectory from manipulating, back end selling, and overselling, to trying to provide value.  In sales particularly, we must realize how much value we have to offer.  When you realize that you are bringing immense value to the table, you are going to feel more confident and natural in your approach to selling.  


3. How Can Someone Dealing with Familial Resistance Push Past It and Pursue the business/ passion/ purpose They Have Been Wanting to Go All In On?

Ask yourself, 1) “What do I want?”  2) “Why do I want it?” 

Tomorrow is a brand new day.  Do not stumble on the roadblocks that are behind you.


4. What has been the MOST Impactful Business Lesson You Have Learned?

1: You are not what you do.

2: You are not what you have. 

3: You are not what people think of you.

Profitability first.  Find the purpose in that profitability.  Apply your passion to that purpose.  


5. If You Had To Start Over At Age 25, What Business Would You Get Involved In Today?

Internet businesses and tech.  Go where the money is. 


“The Park Bench Paradigm”

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self to do and not to do? 

Deploy radical humility and ask for help. 


“If you’re happy you should notify your face.” – Dave Ramsey


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Instagram: @davidmeltzer

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