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12: Dr. Chris Zaino: How To Live Congruence and Find Your Lane

Dr. Chris Zaino is a world-renowned speaker, author, entrepreneur, but he is mostly known for his passion for helping people through the God-given laws of healthy living, the principles of mindset discipline, and elevating the minds, bodies, and their future. He is also well known for his competitive bodybuilding achievements, earning him the title of Mr. America in 1998 and winning his IFBB professional status at the 2016 Team Universe at the age of 40.

After defying a deadly disease through the principles of Function, Food, and Fitness, Dr. Zaino was able to put his experience into opening Abundant Life Chiropractic. His clinic is now one of the largest in the world and sees thousands of people weekly.

Favorite Success Quote

“No one is coming to save you.”  This forces you to take responsibility for your life.
“The biggest fear in life shouldn’t be of failure, but in succeeding at something that really didn’t matter.” – Francis Chan

Key Points

1. Family Is Part of the Mission

Marriage, family, are along for the ride.  Boost your impact through focusing on your family.

2. Don’t Identify With Your Health Struggle

“I had an experience with ulcerative colitis, it did not “have” me.”  – Dr. Zaino  Your experience with a struggle or disease gives you contrast.  There are two sides to every experience.  Health is crucial in order to enjoy your life. Focus on what you want.

3. Find Your Vehicle — Grow Your Business

Think outside the box.  Chris gained new clients through hosting dinners at places like Macaroni Grill, and sharing his impactful story with them.  Build a culture at your office.  Find pre-qualified patients.  Your pre-qualifying clients, so you should never have to “sell”.

4. Integrate Your Fitness Discipline

Being disciplined in one area, will spill into every area of your life.  Be faithful in the “little” things.  They matter.  They add up to be the tipping points that propel you exponentially.  

5. Compound Effect

Tune your daily routines.  Have a good ear.  Tune the little things in your life each day.

6. Bring All Of Yourself

Don’t try to “wear all the hats”.  Instead, be who you are in every area of your life.  If you’re married with kids, that means while you’re at work you’re not simply ‘Insert Title’, you are a dad, a husband, etc.

Heart Healthy Hustle Round

Heart: What is your favorite activity for strengthening your character?
Morning routine.

Health: How do you maintain your health and avoid burnout while living a fast-paced life?

The challenge of the routine.  Chiropractic and healthy living.

Hustle: What is your main motivation for hustling to the max of your potential?

Give his family experiences.

How Do You Find and Connect With Other Winners?

Give value to them.  Build favor capital by giving as much as you can.

Influential Books

Compound Effect  by Darren Hardy

Killing Sacred Cows  by Garret B. Gunderson

Relentless  by Tim Grover

Expert Secrets by Russel Brunson

Dr. Chris Zaino

Social media: @Drzaino


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