43: Transferring Your BodyBuilding & Health Discipline Into Your Business with Dr. Chris Zaino, IFBB Pro

IFBB pro bodybuilder Dr. Chris Zaino shares his approach to winning at business.  Dr. Zaino shares with you how he transfers the discipline he used to become Mr. America in 1998 and winning his IFBB Pro status at the age of forty, to create a thriving business.
About Dr. Chris Zaino: Dr. Chris Zaino is a world-renowned speaker, author, entrepreneur, and he is best known for his passion for helping people through the God-given laws of healthy living, the principles of mindset discipline, and elevating the minds, bodies, and their future. He is also well known for his competitive bodybuilding achievements, earning him the title of Mr. America in 1998 and winning his IFBB professional status at the 2016 Team Universe at the age of forty.  After defying a deadly disease through the principles of Function, Food, and Fitness, Dr. Zaino was able to put his experience into opening Abundant Life Chiropractic. His clinic is now one of the largest in the world and sees thousands of people weekly.

We also had the privilege of hosting Dr. Chris on episode 12.

Key Points

  • The Beginning of Chris’ bodybuilding background at age 12 (4:00 minute mark)
  • Chris’ personal story of playing against Alex Rodriguez at the River View Rams vs. Miami Westminster (11:00 minute mark)
  • Consistency and mini wins (16:20)
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy (19:20)
  • Celebrating wins and gaining momentum (26:00 minute mark)
  • Go for singles not grand slams  (35:00 minute mark)
  • Adapting your vision and going all out (38:30 minute mark)
  • Depression at the top, and facing personal valleys at business peaks (40 minute Mark)
  • Appreciation vs. Gratitude (48 minute mark)

Connect with Dr. Chris Zaino

Free gift for you: Get Dr. Zaino’s 5 major principles you can apply today: iamhero.com/secret

Facebook: @Dr.Zaino

Instagram: @Dr.Zaino

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