Growing Self-awareness, Transforming Your Perspective & Living Courageously with Dr. Ron Walborn

If you are dealing with loss, establishing values, transforming your perspective on God, and learning to act on faith instead of fear, this interview will speak to you.  Dr. Ron Walborn dives deep as we discuss vulnerability, spiritual healing, closing the door on your past, grieving effectively so you can live in a state of joy, and living out your destiny.  Listen as we wrestle with tough questions about God, and living by faith.
Dr. Ron Walborn is the Vice President Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary and the College of Bible and Christian Ministry at Nyack College.  He has been on faculty at Nyack ATS since the fall of 1999.  Ron also serves on the Board of Directors for the Christian and Missionary Alliance and has served on the Theological Issues Committee for the denomination.
Ron has spoken at numerous Christian and secular colleges across America, and at churches and conferences throughout the US and internationally.  Ron has been married to Wanda (the Director of Spiritual Formation at Nyack College) since 1984.

Favorite Success Quote

“Nothing is impossible with God.” – Luke 1:37

Key Points

1. “If You Transform The Students, They Will Transform The Culture…”

Dr. Walborn reminisces on the process of becoming a dean.  After teaching for ten years, he came to Nyack College in 1999.  He wanted to become a dean simply to empower students to transform culture. He shares that he loved teaching and discovering what you are born for.  It’s not always easy, but doing what you were born for gives you life.

2. Fulfilling Your Destiny By Leaving Behind What You Are Good At

In some ways it is easier to leave behind something that is not working, then it is to leave behind something that is working.  The harder thing is to have some level of success that people recognize and applaud, but in your heart you know you were made for more.  You have to leave behind what you are good at, to find what you are BEST at.  Do not get stuck in a job or career where you are “good enough” to please those around you.  Say no to the applause you’re getting at one level, so you can hear the applause of your own heart by fulfilling what you are called to.

3. Faith Is Spelled R.I.S.K.

When you jump out you have to have faith that God’s given you everything you need.  It is helpful to have a few faithful friends who know you and are true to you that they will speak what is real to you as opposed to just what you “want to hear”.  Find a couple close friends like this to help you gain perspective that even your best self awareness might miss.  We need people around us that we trust.

 4. Process Past Failures and Losses

Beware of rebounding.  If you fail to grieve the losses you experience, you will perpetuate the negative results you got previously.  Fully process what goes on in past circumstances, relationships, and losses.  Figure out how to process losses well, so you can learn from it, shut the door on it, and fully embrace what is next in your life.    It is not easy but it is important to shut the door on your past.  Your past can haunt your present if you don’t grieve it, resolve it, learn a lesson from it, and shut the door on it.  The same goes for work failures and business.  Don’t let past lost or disappointment own you.  Be free from it.

Heart Healthy Hustle Round

Heart: What activity do you use to care for and strengthen your internal character?
Ron has been enjoying running.  He is training for his first 5k run.  He has lost 110 lb. after taking a missions trip and noticing he was the largest person he saw during his entire time in this country (not disclosed for confidentiality).
Health: How do you maintain your physical health and avoid burn out?
He enjoys running and realizes that his new founded physical health is increasing abundance in every area of his life.  Ron notices a spiritual benefit as well.  You need to change your appetites and desires, and begin to prioritize a different way of living. (Listen to the interview for even more tips)!
Hustle: What’s your main motivation for doing what you do?
When Ron was in his twenties, he had an encounter with God.  Heard the name Malachi. Prophet of renewal to religious people.  Ron was called to be an agent of renewal to people who are stuck in the rut of religion to realign their hearts with the heart of the Father.  His calling is to find people stuck in the rut of religion, or find people stuck in their own humanity, and connect them to the love of the Father and set their hearts free.

If You Had 60 Seconds With Your Twenty Year Old Self, What Would You Say?

Don’t miss the moment.  Drink it in.  Enjoy the present moment.  Take in everything that God has for you in that present moment.  Don’t get stuck in the past.  Deal with your past.  Know that you ARE going to make it to the future.  God has a plan for you.  He’s not going to leave you.  But don’t miss the present.”
Don’t miss the present moment.  When we’re living life we just assume that we’re going to have these moments forever, but we’re not.  Every moment is precious.  Every memory with your kids.  Every season with your kids drink them in.  Don’t miss the present moment.  Don’t be living so much for the future that you miss the present moment.

Influential Books

The Bible

Joy Unspeakable  by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Power Evangelism, Power Healing  both by John Wimber

Connect with Dr. Ron Walborn 

Google search: Dr. Ron Walborn


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