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Emily Brimlow is a soul singer, songwriter originally from British Columbia, Canada.  She now lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband Nathaniel, traveling frequently all over the U.S. playing shows.  She is known for her unique blend of soul, RnB, hip hop, and world music.  Since a young age, Emily has been immersed in music.

She began singing and playing guitar at family “shindigs” under the tutelage of her father, also an accomplished musician.  After high school, Emily spent time in Australia where she toured with her band bringing music to small towns in Australia’s outback.  Emily believes that music is the universal language of love that connects people regardless of their personal history, experiences or beliefs.  Performing and sharing music is Emily’s way of bringing all different types of people together. Her joy in performing is gathering people and creating experiences that never happened before.

Emily is in her early breakout season with over 1/2 million monthly streams on Spotify alone.  She will be playing the Bonanza Music Festival in Utah in June.


Key Points

1. Play for The Experience of Creating Instant Community

Music is audible and spiritual.  Music becomes the atmosphere as it envelopes everyone.  Because it’s audible people can share it at the same time.   Emily shares the joy in performing and concert going is gathering people and creating experiences that never happened before.


Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”  –  Mark Twain



2. Expand Your Mind Through Intentional Travel

Traveling to the other side of the world revealed a lot of truths to Emily about life, love, and empathy.  For example, she shares stories of inspiring concerts she played with her band in the outback of Australia.  Traveling with the intention to give to and learn from the communities in the areas you travel to, will yield a much sweeter reward than traveling as a tourist.  Tourism is wonderful, but traveling with a student mindset and a desire to learn about the sacredness of culture, the beauty of people, and the gifts of different countries is an incredible way to grow (and quickly).  If you have felt in a rut or stuck in any way, try traveling to a new place for a few days, even if it’s a road trip, get out of your normal routine and culture and watch what can happen.



3. Stay Grounded and Fail, Fail, Fail.

Confidence is forged through failing.  Be willing to look foolish.  Be willing to fail fast, and fail frequently.  Emily shares that she got to the point she is at simply by being willing to fail.  You will not fear risk as you once did because you realize.  Be willing to look foolish now in the pursuit, and take risks despite whether or not you might fail.


Failing forges courage.  Keep taking risks, and take more risks. 


The Heart Healthy Hustle Round

Heart: What activity do you use to care for and strengthen your internal character?

Instead of clearing her mind, try filling your mind with visions and good things.  Give up your worries.  Envision what you want and where you want to go.

Health: How do you maintain your physical health and avoid burn out?

Be careful of what you eat.  Gauge your ingestions and appetites.  Drink as much water as you comfortably can.  Hydration is important to overall health.

Hustle: What’s your main motivation for doing what you do?

Emily sees the best in others by default and naturally sees the good in them.  She wants to see other people stepping out of their self-made boxes.  She has been created to create.

She has learned from failing and building confidence.




Most Influential Books

Emily enjoys reading fiction books to take her mind off of reality.

Proverbs in the Bible


“The Park Bench Paradigm”

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self and why?

“Downtimes are seasonal.  Life is full of seasons and ups and downs.  Love yourself enough to have self-discipline.  Have some more self-discipline and really care about yourself.”

What do you think your 10-year future self would say to you today?

“GO HamM!  and take more risks.  And use your voice more.  You have a lot to say, so don’t be insecure.  Even if you say silly things or mess up, never stop speaking.. never stop sharing!” 



Emily and Nathan Brimlow


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Song Played  in This Episode

“Hope” by Emily Brimlow

Calling Me Home by Emily Brimlow

Dust On The Ground by Emily Brimlow

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