Are You Telling The Right Marketing Story? with Ian Garlic

Ever cringe when you hear the word “marketing”?  What about story telling?  Not so bad, right? Right.  If you want to learn how to market effectively and connect with the people you hope to serve, today’s episode is for YOU.  Ian Garlic is the CEO of authenticWEB video marketing agency, and host of the Garlic Marketing Show.  If you don’t want your marketing to stink, you should listen to the Garlic Marketing Show with my friend Ian Garlic.  He interviews the top marketers like #1 Marketer Neil Patel, Tucker Max, Ryan Deiss from Digital Marketer, Michael Port and many, many more, to find out what’s working today.  He talks about his failures and successes, the most productive current things that work, and what your marketing should be focused on.

Favorite Success Quote

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Key Points

1. Stay Curious

Ian shares his story from being in sales.  He then went to work for a hedge fund where he day traded.  He traded through the stock market crash and realized he did not want to only trade.  After some time off, he went back to New York, tried trading again, and realized he didn’t want to just trade so he went into commercial real estate through the commercial real estate crash.  Through this experience he realized he was good at marketing.  At this point he realized YouTube and video marketing was going to be a big thing.  He now helps people tell their stories and constantly improve on it.  His willingness to adapt and pursue his curiosities lead him to where he is today, serving hundreds of clients and helping others tell their story through marketing.

2. Put A Client Focused Strategy In Place

If you have a customer focused strategy in place where you are trying to provide as much value as possible for your client, then the tech you use is secondary.  If you are providing your tribe a lot of value, they are going to move around the tech regardless of if it changes (ex. platform updates/ changes).  Everyone else is suffering the same situations as you in regards to tech usage.  Where your competition stops, that is your chance to get ahead.  Go through the obstacle.

3. Share Your Story and Listen To Others’ Stories

Ad value to your tribe.  Be professionally open with your friends, following, tribe, and clients.  Do not give away an e-book and call it “adding value.”  Talk to people ONE-ON-ONE.  It is the long term.  Be focused on what each person is individually going through.  Learn your client’s struggles.  Figure out what they need to hear right now.  Figure out what they are going through.  Transparency is is key in today’s social media culture.  Transparency allows your clients and subscribers to see that your life isn’t perfect, and that they are NOT alone.  This is valuable to both you and them.  Be willing to share with them and show that things are NOT perfect.  In this day of social media, it is making people feel more alone, than less alone.  Tell people the story that they need right then.  Key: Understand people’s stories, and what is the story that they need?  Instead of asking for testimonials, ask the customer for their story.  This is far more effective than showing testimonials.  Do not waste 24 hours into a logo, but then passively ask your customer, “hey can I get a testimonial?”.  

4. Have a Business On The Back End of a Podcast

Starting a podcast should ideally have a business on the back end as opposed to starting a podcast as a business.  Podcasting is an important way to develop a network, developing content, learn, and market for an existing business you have.  If you start a podcast to make money, you have to find creative ways to monetize.  Podcasting is a remarkable platform because it allows you to jump straight into business.

Tech Tools You Recommend?

Evernote: (for its stability).
Lastpass: (password management).

Heart Healthy Hustle Round

Heart: What activity do you use to care for and strengthen your internal character?

Reading and meditation.

Health: How do you maintain your physical health when your default “mode” is full bandwidth?

Ian tries to walk in the gym everyday and surround himself with positive support in this area.

Hustle: What is your main motivation for doing what you do?  Why is it not even an option for you to not reach for the max of your potential?
Ian shares that he wants to make sure he lives up to his potential and gives back as much as possible.  He believes that at the end of life, most people regret not living up to their potential.

“The Park Bench Paradigm”

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self and why?

Fail faster.  Don’t listen to everyone.  Making good decisions and learning from them is important.  You don’t necessarily have to trust them, because you’re going to make some bad decisions.  Learning to make good decisions is super important.  The way you do that is by making more decisions. You have to have logical confidence in your decisions and you will develop intuition over time. Stay focused.  Don’t try to do too much.  It will spread you thin.  Focus on ONE thing that you will do over and over again.  Don’t buy into “shiny object syndrome.”  Believe you are providing enough value to do that ONE thing over and over again.  Pivot, do not just add on.

Influential Books

The War of Art by  Steven Pressfield

Tao Te Ching  by Lao Tzu

Jim Henson: The Biography

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