It’s Time


By Jonathan Frederick

How old are you?  Yes you reading this.  25?  35? 40?  Got your age in mind? Great, now let’s use it to motivate you to take more action than you ever have before.  But wait, before we go here, look around your current surroundings, are you alone and in a quiet space?  Try to put some headphones on and lock in your focus.  This is important.  

“You may delay, but time will not.” -Benjamin Franklin

Visualize a timeline labeled 1-77 years, the average lifespan currently (I could be off by a few years as this is always updated).  Got the image?  If it helps, sketch it out on a napkin real quick.  Okay, now put dashes 10 years apart.  How many dashes fit, less than 8.  Most people never get more than 6-7 decades to be alive and make a true impact on the world.  Really stop and think about that.  Assuming you will be blessed with a full lifespan, how many of yours are already passed?  I don’t say this to scare you or push you to feel afraid, well, kind of. 

  I implore you to ‘do the thing’ that you have convinced yourself is holding you back.  Is it a difficult conversation you’re putting off?  Do you need to free up more time so you quit your part time job?  Are you holding onto resentment from a failed business partnership or relationship?  Do you harbor hatred toward anyone?  Do you need to set aside weekly appointments with yourself to schedule out your goals and grade your personal performance?  Whatever it is that you need to do, and are convincing yourself to put off, do it (assuming it is ethical and moral).  I am speaking from a life improvement and business stand point.  Notice I said, “putting off” because I assume you understand the importance of taking this step forward, but for whatever reason, you are not taking it.  Whether you take action on it or not, this isn’t what’s holding you back.  Don’t allow your belief surrounding it allow you to use it as a cop out from doing certain important things.  

It just simply isn’t true that you have to weight “for the right time” or the “right circumstances” to come around.  They won’t.  And let’s be honest, how many years ago did you feed that lie to yourself, “I’ll do it when xy and z is worked out.”  Be real with yourself.  The action you decide to take, or refuse to take, should not be controlled by your internal world.  It is related, but it is not directly correlated.  Do you think all the most successful individuals had everything in their lives figured out before going for it?  Of course not. 

Now, referring back to the timeline from earlier in this blog post, look at where your current age falls on that line.  What do you thing about that?  If you’re blessed with all of those years, think about how many of those years you will actually be in your peak and functioning at full bandwidth.  Not all that many left, eh?  It’s time.  

“Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.” - Benjamin Franklin

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