22: Larry Winget: GET WOKE and Start Thriving

Larry Winget is The Pitbull of Personal Development® and a six-time NYT/WSJ bestselling author. He has spoken to nearly 400 of the Fortune 500 and is in the International Speaker Hall of Fame. Larry has been the host of his own show on A&E, done national television commercials and is a regular on many national news programs on the topics of business, parenting, personal finance and personal
development.  Larry still believes that hard work and excellence are the keys to success and communicates that like no other person on the planet can!

Mentored by Jim Rohn, Larry makes you think. He makes you uncomfortable. He offers common sense solutions that are impossible to argue with. On top of all that, he is hilarious. 


Favorite Success Quote

“What is easy to do is just as easy not to do.” – Jim Rohn

Key Points

1. Get Over Your Ego

Your entitled attitude will not get you ahead.  Many of us think we are “too good” for certain job types.  This is not true.  You are not as good as you think you are.  Focus on the value, care, and service regardless of what industry you are in.  It’s called ‘work’ for a reason.

2. Stop Trusting Emotion

Emotion WILL NOT make you successful.  How you feel about yourself, your level of competency, or your confidence level, should not hold you back.  Take action and confidence will follow.  The more you do something the more your competency grows in said area.  Competence always precedes confidence.  Be willing to do things poorly until you can become good.

3. Society Really Doesn’t Care About You

Speaking in hyperbole: nobody cares about who you are unless who you are does something for them.  Nobody truly cares about your social media posts, unless you’re paying them to do it.  If you worry about how you appear to others, stop.  Do not waste time, energy, or resources trying to appear any type of way.  Add value and be of service to everyone.  Look for ways to serve others as opposed to focusing on yourself.

4. You Don’t Always Create Positive Results With A Positive Attitude

Until you get real about your life, you will struggle to perform and achieve results.

 5. Take Responsibility For Your Life

Grow a pair.  Take full responsibility for your life.  Stand up for what you believe in.  Step up.  Grow a pair is about what’s going on between your ears.  What do you believe in?  Why do you believe it?  Are you willing to stand up for it?  Don’t hold situational ethics and values.

6. What Would You Tell A Business Owner Not Seeing The Kind of Results They Desire?

Ask yourself: “What is the value of the problem I solve?”
Try to figure out if you can solve problems with a higher pain point.  For example, you cannot sell a $5,000 solution to a $3,000 problem.

Heart Healthy Hustle Round

Heart: What is your favorite activity for activity for caring for and for strengthening your internal character?

Understand consequences drive behavior.  Actions come from who you are.  Constantly be assessing and be aware of your results, the consequences of your actions, and adapt your actions until you get positive results.  This in turn will strengthen your character.

Health: How do you maintain your physical health?

Walking 5 miles in the morning allows you to burn calories, settle your mind, and improve your health.

Hustle: What is your main motivation for hustling to the max of your potential?

What motivates Larry is personal satisfaction.  Larry says, “I’m real selfish.  I only do the activities I enjoy.  I do what I do to make me happy.  What makes me happiest is being excellent at who I am and what I do..”.  Strive to be relevant.  Be aware of what’s going on in the world.  Watch what is going on so you can stay current and feel good about your contribution being relevant.

What Would You Tell Your 30 Year Old Self and Why?

“Get real clarity in your life.  People are only going to pay you and reward you for the value you bring to them.  So get OVER yourself.  Get your ego out of the way.  Stop thinking that you are special in any way and focus on  the value and the service you can provide to others because that’s where all of your wealth will come from.”

Influential Books

Make Change Work  by Randy Pennington

Be The Best At What Matters Most  by Joe Calloway

Create Distinction  by Scott McKain

The Fred Factor  by Mark Sanborn

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