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Steve Sims is the founder and CEO of the luxury concierge service Bluefish.  In 2017, Sims published a book, Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen. Sims grew up in East London.

Sims began his career as a Bricklayer in London.  In 1980, Sims started a stockbroker job in London, where he worked for about 6 months.  Eventually, Sims transferred to Hong Kong where he was fired in 5 days.  After losing his stockbroking job, Sims stayed in Hong Kong where he worked as a Doorman for a Night Club in the area, where he went to parties and met their attendees, forming the network that would initially support Bluefish.  Sims has arranged many adventures for clients including a private Dinner for 6 at the Feet of Michelangelo’s David in Italy while being Serenaded by Andrea Bocelli.

The day we interviewed Steve he was setting up an Oscar party for Sir Elton John.  Known around the globe as the real-life wizard of Oz due to his uncanny ability to get virtually “anything” done for his clients, Steve is also a master communicator.  Steve has done over 300 podcast interviews, and shared that this interview was exciting and fun!

Key Points

1. How To Foster Thriving Relationships?  Get Rid Of What’s Not Working First

First, start with your inner circle.  Asses your current relationships and decide if you are complacently allowing terrible relationships to linger.  People change, and if people are in your life who give no value to you, move on.  Once you have assessed your inner circle and removed the zero-value relationships, focus on creating bigger relationships.  Your first and only focus going into these new relationships should be “what value do you bring to this relationship with them?”  Be upfront immediately about what you bring to the game.  Make sure you are focusing on enriching their lives, by you being in it.  That shows immediately that you have something to offer and would be a great individual do know.  Understanding that the higher profile you become, the more guarded and suspicious you become, so as a less famous person, you do not want to beat around the bush.  Be clear about your intentions quickly, and be bold about it.  The key word to remember in this approach is transparency.

2. Fans Have A “Look” In Their Eyes

Steve shares that he has witnessed fans of the talent he is with “lock and load”.  He explains that fans have a certain “look” in their eye.  The higher profile an individual is, the higher their suspicions go.  Transparency is very important to famous people.  It lets a famous person feel at ease when he or she knows what someone’s intent is.  If someone wants a picture with you, that is simple enough.  As a fan “with that look in their eye”, the person has to gauge what this person wants.  The best way to approach people in power and politics is to introduce yourself and share with them that you are aware of what they are trying to do and that you have a way to get them to their goal faster.  Then ask them, “would that be of interest for us to continue this conversation?”  (Only say this if it’s true).  This lets people KNOW immediately what you are after.  Don’t be a fan in your approach to powerful or famous people.  Be transparent.

The EASY WAY to Making New Friends: In order to connect with people and get off on a good foot, have someone else they know introduce you.  Work your way up to the introduction.  Serve and become friends with people they know, and eventually ask if they would mind introducing you because you have an answer for them!

Perfection is a blue unicorn with three testicles!  It doesn’t exist.”


3. Put It In A Schedule!

It’s imperative to the health of your personal relationships to spend time in person together.  To ensure these interactions happen periodically and consistently, put it in a schedule.  This is important!  Steve shares that he schedules things like walks to breakfast with his lovely wife.  It is important to prioritize what matters MOST.

4. To Discover Someone’s True Desire, Ask Why, Three Times

Unlock your Sherlock Holmes to find where the treasure is.  To get to the crux of an individuals desire, ask why three times.  Ask questions like, “I hear what you’re saying, but why is it that you want this or that to happen?”  “Why are you doing that, now?”  “Why is that important?”

5. In Serving Your Clients, Exceed Expectations by Asking…

Start by asking yourself, “What’s the absolute BEST I could possibly do!?”  Start way outside of the box (box of client expectation).  This ensures that even if you fail at 50%, you still exceed your client’s expectations.

Heart Healthy Hustle Round

Heart: What activity do you use to care for and strengthen your internal character?

“I never ever want to look in a mirror and  feel as though I sold myself out by lying, deceiving, or giving anyone anything less than 100% of me.”

Health: How do you maintain your physical health and avoid burn out?

Steve shares that due to his fast-paced lifestyle and constant traveling, his physical health has not been where he ideally wants it.  At the moment he is getting into a cycling class.

Hustle: What’s your main motivation for doing what you do?

Every week Steve makes sure he has taken steps to become a bigger more developed person.  Try at least one new thing each week!


“My greatest education has come from my biggest failures.”


What do you think is holding most proactive individuals back from fully thriving and actually becoming the person they know they can be?  

Stop thinking.  Do not be paralyzed by analysis.  Just “go do”, and find what works.  Remain curious.  Do NOT be scared about people recording your failures. Elon Musk could not give a “rat’s testi” what people thought of him.  They laugh at you until they applaud.  Just go and get it done.  Stop worrying about people videoing your failures, because these will only become your greatest hits to success.  Little bits of growth compound quite quickly.

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