Thomas Frank: The Consequences of Consistency, Curiosity and Connection

Thomas Frank is a productivity expert and the founder of  He helps students as well as productive high achievers to maximize their results.  His YouTube channel, Thomas Frank, has garnered over 60 million views and over 1.2 million subscribers.  He is the host of The College Info Geek Podcast which is dedicated to helping students learn and improve in all areas of life. 
In addition to his personal YouTube channel’s success, Thomas has produced a course for the wildly popular YouTube Channel CrashCourse called, “CrashCourse Study Skills“.  In addition to helping students, what he is sharing is helping thousands of proactive people all over the world.


Favorite Success Quote

Adapt what is useful.  Reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” – Bruce Lee

“I treated everyone with respect and now I’m rich.” – Logic

You cannot sincerely call someone ‘nice’, if they are only nice when it is easy.

Key Points

1. Advice Is Advice

To decipher if advice is applicable to you, filter advice given to you through your own life experience and through knowing what part of the journey you are currently in.  Ask yourself, ” that actually useful for me?”

2. Treat Everyone With Respect

When people are stressed and frustrated, that is when you can see if someone is actually nice.  A truly nice person is going to treat others with respect even when insulted.  Realize any perceived slight against yourself from another is almost always coming from a position of ignorance or stress.  If you can live your life that way, that will open up many more doors for you than reacting negatively to others.

3. Go After Your Passion And Stay Consistent

Share what you think will be valuable to your audience.  Thomas blogged about a desk that hung from his bed loft to save space in his room.  His blogged was eventually shared on  This drove traffic to Thomas’ website,  From that point, he blogged approximately thirty articles a month for three to four months.  He poured every minute of time that he had into writing, learning to code, and learning how to customize his website.  Over the next year, he learned how to monetize his website and build it up to the point where became a career.

4. Be Persistently Consistent and Use Accountability

Thomas used accountability to get himself out of a year and a half long rut of stagnation.  He was not treating himself as a professional at this time.  He decided to get really serious.  After reading the book, “The Motivation Hacker” and signing up for a tool called Beeminder, he committed to posting one blog, podcast, and YouTube video every week.  The Beeminder tool would take money from him if he did not follow through on his commitment.  At this point, all of his growth charts start to go up.
Six months later he published his first book.  He used accountability and structure to break through.

What Would You Say To A Lonely Entrepreneur Who Is Trying To Connect With Other Entrepreneurs?

Going to events is the biggest thing that helped Thomas connect with like minded individuals.  Starting a podcast is the reason how Thomas knows a couple of his very best friends.  Reflecting back on episode twenty, he reached out to guests and became close friends with two.  Thomas recalls that his podcast was a great way to break the ice and connect with people.

Get yourself out to events even if it is something in your local city.  Consider 1millioncups, and toastmasters as a way to casually network.  Steer conversations towards what people like to do for fun.  Try to become real actual friends with people and you may do business together at some point in the future.  Friendships are more rewarding then business partnerships anyway.

What Would You Suggest For Already Successful and Relatively Well Known Entrepreneurs Who Are Seeking Genuine Connection?

Maintain the friendships you had before you became successful.

Heart Healthy Hustle Round

Heart: What activity do you use to care for and strengthen your internal character?

Having a lot of honest and open discussions with those closest to him.  This helps to keep him grounded.  Reading and contemplation.

Health: How do you maintain your physical health and avoid burn out?

Staying active in whatever interests him.  Currently Thomas enjoys skateboarding, figure skating, rock climbing, weightlifting and more.

Hustle: What’s your main motivation for doing what you do and hustling to the max of your potential?

Progress.  He loves to see other people progress, and he loves to see himself do the same.

Influential Books

The Motivation Hacker  by Nick Winter

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

The Happiness Equation  by Neil Pasricha

Connect with Thomas Frank

Instagram: @tomfrankly

Twitter: @tomfrankly

Thomas’ Website:

Thomas’ YouTube Channel

What’s Your Personal Favorite Productivity Hack?  Share it in the comments below..

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