Asking For Help In Your Wilderness with Tim Corcoran

If you’re like me, you understand the importance of asking for help in your business and life, but maybe you are confused on how to do this without being pushy or needy.  Learn how to be more transparent. Use nature as a catalyst to growth. Tim is the founder of Purpose Mountain.  Tim also runs a wilderness school in Idaho. He has a passion for offering Nature Based Purpose Guidance and Healing Facilitation to help people who have a love for nature discover their authentic purpose in this life. Tim wants to help you find and live your soul’s purpose by helping you move past resistance, blocks, and fear.

Favorite Success Quote

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, and live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

Key Points

1. Turn Your Passion Into A Business

This sounds cute and all, but it goes much deeper.  One does not simply pursue their passion and thrive.  You must be willing to take action in every area.  Realize that money is not wrong, nor is making money.  Tim realized he was in financial trouble after having started his wilderness school.  After five years, Tim and his wife were making an impact, but the financial aspect of his business was not working and he was accruing debt.  He had the belief that he wasn’t doing this for the money, so to speak.  He realized that if he was going to be able to continue serving and be able to keep his wilderness schools open, he would have to monetize more effectively.  This is a difficult adjustment for many individuals who may feel that they do not want to accept compensation for their services due to taking a sort of moral high road.  But the truth is, not effectively monetizing is in fact worse because it will force one to stop being able to provide their service.  If this service is of value, than not monetizing is not even an option.  It cannot be.  Do not be romantic about how you make money.  Tim had mastered his craft, but realized he now needed to seek out business and financial experts specifically.  You must be relentless in this pursuit.  This is not even an option.  You must decide in advance that you will be, and are, relentless.  Also, analyze your passion, be honest and aware of if it truly is worth going after the way you feel it is.  If it is something that you know you will likely struggle with, consider finding something similar or finding work that allows you to work with your passion in a different way.

2. Know Your Why

Take the time to get clear on your why.  This is foundation to your pursuits being a success.  When a person is extremely clear on why they are doing what they are doing, they have a foundation to build from.

3. Is It Enough To Have Success In One Area i.e. Money, and Not In Others?

I am not going to experience success unless the person I am working with is experiencing success.  Serve the people you work with and serve the people working “for” you.  You will not be truly successful if the people you are working with are not successful.  Ask yourself, “is the full range of being a human, being addressed and served through the experience?
There is no reason that in business, those things cannot be addressed.

4. Look At Yourself Holistically

Are you aware of EVERY aspect of yourself?  Look at yourself holistically.  Most of us are weighted in one direction or another.  Are you weighted in one direction or another?  Catch yourself early.  Get some mentoring.  Get some outside perspective on what you are doing early.  By definition we cannot see our own gaps.  We are not meant to “lone wolf” entrepreneurship.

5. What Happens When Humans Separate From Nature Is Not Good!

You cannot burn both ends of the candle and expect to maintain success long term.  Simply taking lunch outside is hugely beneficial to your health.  It is incredibly restorative.  Take time to prioritize being outside as much as you can.  “Find wilderness in the single grain of grass in between the sidewalk!”  If you are in an urban environment, start by opening your window.  When you don’t tend to your deep needs, there IS a price to PAY.

Heart Healthy Hustle Round

Heart: What activity do you use to care for and strengthen your internal character? 

Feel fear, and do what you need to do anyway.  Be present in moments of fear (when you’re about to put yourself out there).

Health: How do you maintain your physical health and avoid burn out?

Practicing holistic health.  “am I getting regular time In nature? Taking care of myself in my diet?”  

Hustle: What’s your main motivation for doing what you do and hustling to the max of your potential?

When Tim imagines himself at the end of his life’s journey, he wants to be able to say, I lived this life fully.  I stepped into my fear, and did the things I needed to do despite that.

Connect with Tim Corcoran

Tim’s Website:

Tim’s Wilderness Schools: Twin Eagles Wilderness School

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